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Germstar is a non-allergenic, hospital-strength hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of the most common disease causing germs on the spot. Alcohol based, the solution quickly evaporates, eliminating the need for water, soap or towels to sanitse hands. Paired with Germstar's touchless sanitation station, this system becomes the most effective solution for preventing cross-infection.


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A Scientific

Germstar's unique patented touchless dispenser encourages use and increases wash compliance from 30-50% to 90% or more, thereby reducing the risk of spreading infections. The gravity fed dispenser design uses every drop of product, lasting 40,000 washes with one set of batteries. Unlike gel-based products, Germstar is a liquid rinse, The US Centre for Disease Control recommends the use of 70% Isopropyl alcohol base as the most effective solution at eradicating  the broadest spectrum of disease causing germs - killing 99.99% of all transient bacteria, viruses and fungus on contact. This is twice the efficacy of the most popular off-the-shelf products.

Germstar Compared To Other Sanitisers


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"Hand soap is good, alcohol-based handrubs are the best."

— Clinical Excellence Commission, NSW Health

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Germstar would benefit all organisations. It prevents the spread of disease causing germs and reduces the waste of water and paper towelling required for hand washing. Germstar can be attained for personal use or corporate use. There are significant benefits to adding Germstar to your workplace. Shopping centres, building owners, entertainment venues, clubs and pubs, child care centres, sporting facilities, health centres, airports, schools, restaurants and government organisations would all benefit from employing the Germstar system.