Why is hand sanitising so important?

According to the USA Centre for Disease Control approximately 80% of germs are spread through hands. Clean hands are the most important factor to preventing the spread of germs.

Will using Germstar dry out my skin?

No. Germstar contains a natural emollient. Studies from NSW Health show that participants using soap and water reported a significant increase in dryness, cracking, and irritation of the hands after two weeks. Those using alcohol based hand rubs reported a notable improvement in skin condition and dryness. These self reported results were supported by epidermal water content analysis.

Does Germstar have a shelf life?

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Is Germstar approved by the Australian Health Department?

Germstar has NICNAS approval (Department of Health, Australian Government) as an Antibacterial Skin Product. Approval number CIA-064. 

What is the environmental impact of Germstar?

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Any other questions?

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