Touch Free System

Unique, Patented, Gravity Assisted Dispenser.
No touching is required to dispense sanitiser.
This further reduces the spread of germs.

Enclosed Solution

Solution is contained in an enclosed,
self collapsing bladder. Sanitiser never
comes in contact with air or dispenser.

Isopropyl Base

Germstar is 70% pharmaceutical grade
Isoproypynl alcohol. The effectiveness
of Isoproypnl has been well documented.
It is also less likely to cause irritation.


Simple, Portable, Reusable

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other sanitisers


Touch Systems

Many sanitisers require touch for dispensing. 
While other touch free systems exist, they usually
have many mechanical parts and a spray formula.

Probable Contamination

Most other solutions are in direct contact with
their dispenser. This means additional attention
is required to cleaning dispenser in between uses.

Ethanol Base

Ethanol is the base for the most commonly
available sanitisers. Studies have shown that
Isopropyl is significantly more effective at
eliminating more disease causing germs.


Technical, Mounted, Involved

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